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The Personalized Nutrition Innovation Summit

Updated: May 9, 2021

The perfect forum for the CEO’s and founders of invest

Increasing consumer awareness about the role of nutrition on wellbeing and immunity, coupled with the rise in digital health tools, testing kits, and wearables, is driving the trend towards nutritional personalization. And yet, despite significant technological advances, there are still considerable challenges preventing the Personalized Nutrition industry from becoming mainstream. Start-ups in this space are struggling with customer retention & feedback, and CPG firms and supplement brands are still assessing how best to invest in “the personal”.

The Personalized Nutrition Innovation Summit, June 28-29th will provide the perfect forum for the CEO’s and founders of innovative personalized nutrition start-ups to meet with potential partners and investors. It will bring together CPG firms, supplement brands, and start-ups who are specializing in this space, to foster further partnerships and innovation. Here's three reasons to attend:

  1. CUSTOMER RETENTION STRATEGIES: Learn from organizations who are closing the feedback loop – harnessing AI to deliver data-driven insights back to their customers to drive retention.

  2. PERSONALIZED VITAMINS AND GENOMIC TESTING: Hear from leading Personalized Nutrition companies about how they are moving beyond “just” genomic testing and offering innovative new solutions.

  3. DRIVE PARTNERSHIPS: Discover how CPG firms are investing in Personalized Nutrition, and hear top tips from investors on how to strengthen your business model, secure partnerships and drive investment.

Register before May 28th and save up to $400 on your booking. Use Food Techies Finland’s exclusive discount code, ‘FOODTECHIES10’ for an additional 10% off your booking! Register here.

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