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Just a few of the open projects we have on the go. If you have an idea or would like to contribute, please contact us

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Yes, we host food and foodtech hackathons of all sorts of shapes and sizes. Hackathons are a great way to give people the boost they need to validate that food business idea they have been thinking about, or even to create it right then and then. Each hackathon can be adjusted to our customer's needs, and can be a physical in-person event, an online event, or even a mix of both! Check out our latest online hackathon "Feeding the future" for a taste of what we can do!

What's a food startup ecosystem without a kitchen? We're working together with Gastro Arena to bring you an innovative platform for food startups to develop their concepts.

A community founded by FoodTechies. This group has become a place not only where aspiring chefs and cooks can learn about starting a restaurant or catering business, but also a place where customers can enjoy international cuisine at a reasonable price... as long as they can find their venue!

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