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Rethinking Materials: Innovation in Plastics and Packaging

Turning the Tide on Plastic Pollution

The Rethinking Materials summit presents new opportunities for partnerships and investment in the changing landscape of plastics, bio-based alternatives, and circular solutions.

With an emphasis on packaging and performance materials, this year’s event provides pivotal insights into the challenges facing C Suite and Director-level stakeholders in tackling plastic waste both upstream and downstream; the viability of new technologies and ‘next generation’ materials; routes to scaling up; and cross-sector applications in packaging, food & beverage, personal care, pharmaceuticals and more.

Join us live in London on May 4-5, 2022, for two days of intelligent debate and targeted networking with business leaders from across the value chain: major consumer goods brands and retailers, producers, converters, designers, manufacturers, technology providers, regulators, start-ups and investors who are developing, financing and adopting innovative solutions.

All sessions will be live-streamed, so you can choose whether to join the summit in London or log in from home. Whether in-person or online, all delegates will be able to meet and collaborate on the same platform, facilitating connections and new business relationships across our global network.

Key themes include:

Scale-Up: Scaling Capacity of Biological Innovation to Meet Surging Downstream Demand

Defossilisation: Performance Materials in a Low Carbon Circular Economy

Microbial Biomass: Innovative Applications of Bacteria, Yeast, Algae and Fungal Cultures

Supply Chain Optimisation: Market Adjustment to New Solutions for Green Manufacturing

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