• Anja Nguyen

Innovation Challenge 2021 hosted by Future Food-Tech, Kellogg Company and Unilever

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Hey foodies and innovators, we are happy to introduce this opportunity to you: the Future Food-Tech Summit with Kellogg Company and Unilever will organize the Innovation Challenge 2021 to call for the help of start-ups to address some of the most aching issues in our industry.

Each organization has set up a challenge to offer new talents the stage to showcase their innovations in plant-based meat, dairy alternatives, and digestive wellness.

KELLOGG COMPANY CHALLENGE: Unlocking New Microbiome-Based Innovation for Gut Wellness

Kellogg Company is prioritizing innovation in new plant fibers, valorized fibers from waste streams, prebiotics, postbiotics, fermented ingredients and new non-spore food stable probiotics. They are keen to hear from start-ups with new microbiome-based solutions to improve gut wellness.

D’Anne Hayman, VP, Global Innovation and Nutrition at Kellogg Company says: "As a leading global plant-based food company, nourishing with our foods is at the heart of Kellogg's commitment to wellbeing. Future Food-Tech is a great environment for us to share ideas and build connections."

UNILEVER CHALLENGE: Improving the Taste, Texture, Sustainability & Affordability of Plant-Based Meat and Dairy Alternatives

Unilever has set an ambitious target of €1bn annual sales turnover from this category to help people transition towards healthier diets that are also healthier for the planet. They welcome innovations to develop better plant-based products and are delighted to get you involved.

Manfred Aben, VP Science and Technology, Foods & Refreshment at Unilever says: “If we think we can do it alone - we are not thinking big enough. Future Food-Tech is a key platform to connect and work together towards a food system that is better for people and better for our planet.”

The application is open until 5 FEBRUARY 2021. Apply at www.futurefoodtechsf.com/innovation-challenge-2021/

After an in-depth shortlisting process, selected finalists will pitch their solutions to the challenge partners and global audience during the live-streamed virtual Future Food-Tech Summit on March 11-12, 2021.

FoodTechies Finland is pleased to be a marketing partner for the upcoming #FutureFoodTech summit taking place on March 11-12 to explore solutions for a food system under stress.


PRESS RELEASE: Kellogg Company and Unilever launch Innovation Challenges with Future Food-Tech. Accessed 27 December 2020. ***UPDATE:***

The Innovation Challenge Finalists as well as the 19 innovative food startups being showcased at the Future FoodTech San Francisco edition have been announced. See https://www.foodtechies.fi/post/future-food-tech-unveils-19-innovators-with-moonshot-potential-technologies for more information