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Foodtechies presents

Feeding the             Future

a FoodTech Hackathon

June 26th to 28th 2020

Why Food + Tech?
Why an Online Hackathon?
Why this event is needed?

The restrictions in travel and trade caused by CoVid-19 have resulted severe disruptions and bottlenecks to our food supply chain systems. 

Investing in Food and FoodTech are the key to dealing with these disruptions, now and in the future.


This is what Feeding the Future is about.

Most of these disruptions will likely have long-term lasting effects on our food systems. What many of these effects will be is still unknown.

Whatever the case is, we need to think about what the mid-term and long-term effects on the food industry will be, and start preparing for them now.

Hackathons, are a great way to ideate, co-create, create and further develop startups 


With online hackathons, we can:

  • Implement the hackathon more rapidly than a face-to-face one

  • Reach a wider audience more easily

  • Prepare new startups for a pre-accelerator or accelerator program


Suomen Pientuottajatukku

Theme 1: Food Security

Sustainable farm2fork solutions

How can we use digital technologies to build a more resilient and agile food supply chain for local producers and farmers after CoVid-19 using sustainable farm2fork solutions and further increase e-commerce and home delivery services?
How can we apply dynamic models to support seasonal trade and preparation tools for all parts in the food chain?

Forum Virium Helsinki

The importance of food within cities and urban design is central from several angles. There is a need to transform our urban food systems with a focus on sustainability and resilience. 

reducing carbon "food"prints

Theme 2: Restaurant & Service

How to use digital technology to measure, reduce and communicate a restaurant's carbon footprint to their customers?

SärkiFood Oy

Ambitious Africa + FinestNinja

Challenge 4

Theme 3: Food Innovation

make a new& tasty fish product

Baltic Herring is a tasty, small fish found in abundance in the Baltic Sea. Increasing it's consumption can help lower our carbon footprint.

What kind of food product(s) can we create using the Baltic Herring to increase consumption?

Copy of Untitled (25).png
increase Finnish<->African Food Trade

Theme 3: Food Innovation

Africa is an untapped potential market. Finland is known for its world class research in food engineering.

What kind of product or services can be utilized to help increase the quality and quantity of food export between Finland and Africa?

Untitled design (69).png
ALL TIMES ARE EEST (Helsinki Standard time)
Ideation Days 
12.6 Community Kick-Off! (Remo) PAST
13.6-18.6 Online networking + matchmaking PAST
19.6-21.6 Juhannus Break PAST
22.6-24.6 Online networking + matchmaking (Discord)
25.06 Hackathon Orientation @ 16:00 (Remo) PAST
REGISTER NOW for the orientation herePAST
25.6  Registration Deadline for teams (23:00)
Application Process
26.6 Hackathon Starts
Friday, June 26th PAST
  • 12pm – Hackathon begins! Welcome, introduction, and orientation

  • General hacking and mentoring

  • 6pm – 1st submission deadline

  • 10pm – feedback on submissions

Saturday, June 27th PAST

  • 8am - Hacking begins again!

  • 10am - Opening words, Q&A

  • General hacking and mentoring

  • 10pm – 2nd submission

  • Social events (optional)

Sunday, June 28th PAST

  • 8am - Hacking begins again!

  • 10am - Opening words, Q&A

  • Last minute hacking, mentoring, and wrapping up

  • 12pm – Final submissions 

  • 1pm Live pitching by top candidates

  • 4pm - Winners announced

  • 5pm - After party

FoodTechies-OrangeNoTextSocialMedia (2).
Peter Vesterbacka
Former Mighty Eagle at Rovio, Angry Birds, Founder at FinEst Bay Area Development
Kaisa Ahonen
Project Manager and Connecting Agent for the City of Vantaa
Henri Laine
Circular Hood Project Manager and CEO at Redono Oy
Tommi Uitti
Startup Ecosystem Community Manager at
Business Tampere
Lauri Reuter
Founder and Partner at Nordic FoodTech VC
Susanah Aalto
Project Specialist at the City of Vantaa
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