• vivian899

Introducing Game Nights on Discord

When we built this community, we didn't want to make yet another professional networking community where people only talk to one another when absolutely necessary.

We wanted to make a place where people hang out, chill, and feel comfortable having ridiculous conversations. After all, we know the best ideas or innovations come during your work time, but rather during your play time.

That's why our community is starting to host game nights. Feel free to join us in the General Lounge on the occasional Sunday to play games and hang out with your fellow FoodTechies. Some games will be food-themed, some will not be, but no worries. The goal is just to hang out and have fun.

Join our Discord community and check the #events channel to figure out when we are having the next game night. Sundays don't suit you? Feel free to suggest another date or even host your own game night in our community.

See you soon at one of our super fun game nights!