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Future FoodTech Summit Fall 2022

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Innovation and Investment Summit from Farm to Fork

The Future Food-Tech London Summit event by Rethink events is finally back in-person this year. Below is a sneak peak at the agenda.

Designing Foods to Improve Human and Planetary Health

At a time of heightened fragility in the global agri-food supply chain, there has never been a more urgent need for food-tech innovation that protects both human and planetary health.

Future Food-Tech’s European flagship returns in-person for the first time in three years to shine a spotlight on new technologies and partnerships that are building healthier and more sustainable food systems. The summit will offer an unrivalled opportunity to meet like-minded food brand directors, investors and entrepreneurs to share, showcase and scale these innovative solutions.

Whether you’re there in-person or tuning in virtually, join us for thought-provoking panels, insightful presentations, roundtable discussions, workshop sessions and Future Food-Tech’s beloved Taste Lab where you will taste the products of the future.

Discover the summit’s key themes:

  • Are We in the Midst of Systemic Transformation?

  • Food Security: Can Technology Save Us from the Coming Food Catastrophe?

  • Survival Strategies: Sustaining Business in a Downturn

  • Alternative Fats and Lipids: The Missing Ingredient

  • Infant Nutrition and Formula: Feeding the Next Generation

  • The Future Consumer: Food Trends, Buying Behaviours & Generational Eating Habits

  • Protein Production Debate: Which Technologies Have the Fastest Route to Commercialisation?

  • Routes to Regulation: Moving the Needle on Cultivated Meat and Novel Foods

  • Ultra-Processed, Ultra-Unhealthy? Creating Healthier Plant-Based Products

  • Scaling Novel Foods: Defining the Critical Factors for Large-Scale Manufacturing

  • Targeting the Gut Microbiome: Personalising Foods for Physical and Mental Health

  • Personalised Nutrition: Revolutionising Our Approach to Health & Performance

  • Displacing, Not Replacing, Meat: Exploring the White Space of Plant-Based

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